Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6- Forgetting To Eat

Hi! Today I realized that I normally snack more that I realize. I was at Kroger today getting some more fruits and vegetables and walked right past the cheese counter and almost grabbed a piece of sample cheese. It’s just something I always do when I walk past the cheese counter. It got me thinking about all the things I eat without even thinking about.

My calories have reduced quite a bit this past 6 days. I guess I’m just getting used to being hungry. I normally eat lunch around noon but noon came and went. It didn’t dawn on me till 3:00 that I hadn’t eaten anything for lunch. I was feeling a little loopy and weak this afternoon and now I know why.

I’ve lost a couple pounds already this week. I’m surprised because I didn’t lose any last year when I was detoxing. I know I’ve been more strict this time around, and I’m pretty proud of myself!

So, what I ate today…

My smoothie consisted of a few things I had left over, I was due to go to the grocery store. I blended up some frozen mixed berries, 1 banana, and a splash of almond milk.



I had a snack at 10:30 of a banana and a POM sparking water cocktail.


Lunch was at 3:00. I was pretty hungry at this time so I had to cheat a little and eat a little grain. I topped my salad with some quinoa. You can find this recipe here. It’s my fave!


Dinner was tomato soup and sweet potato fries! The soup was another one of those that I put a little of this and a little of that in it. I didn’t write down all the measurements. It turned out pretty good. The secret was a can of Fire Roasted tomatoes.


Red for the Razorbacks! Go Hogs!!


I’m planning on having some fruit for dessert. The soup was delicious but I don’t think It’s going to keep me full till bedtime. ;(

See you tomorrow night!