Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13- Night Out On the Town

I love Fridays! I woke up this morning excited that it was Friday and the weekend was about here. I also knew I was going to spend the evening with some good friends at PF Chang’s.

I was due to go to the grocery store so breakfast and lunch were thrown together on a whelm. I repeated the smoothie I had yesterday since I had another orange left. I put 1 orange and 1 cup of frozen mangos with a splash of water and a splash of almond milk.. Again, I LOVED all the pulp



Lunch was tuna on celery with a side of bananas and strawberries. It ended up being a pretty good thrown together lunch!



I was so looking forward to dinner tonight. I had already decided that I was going to get brown fried rice with shrimp. I’m a day early on the rice but I convinced myself that a day early wasn’t too bad. I planned on eating half and taking the rest home for dinner tomorrow night.

Kyle and I decided to split the vegetarian lettuce wraps. They are made with tofu.



They were good but the chicken wraps are better.

Then came my shrimp rice!! Oh man I couldn’t wait!


I was REALLY good and only ate half. I took a bite and set my fork down in-between bites. I really did get full  and satisfied. Kyle and I are going to go ahead and start week 3 officially tomorrow. We can add back in whole gluten free grains, and eggs. It should be an easy last week.

Here are a few pictures from tonight.