Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4- I Need Some Caffeine

I’m tired!! I seem to have more energy that I did the first 3 days but I’m so tired! I really want some caffeine. The food part really is getting easier but I’m looking forward to getting to eat fish next week

I started my morning with a mango, banana, almond milk smoothie. It was nice and creamy.



I got hungry at about 10:30 so I had a handful of mixed nuts.


I’m working from home today so I was able to roast some veggies for lunch. I loved every bite! They were so good!


The veggies didn’t keep me full for very long so I had another snack at about 3. Veggie chips from Whole Foods!


Dinner was from Whole Foods as well! I didn’t feel like cooking so Kyle and I went to the soup and salad bar. The soup choices were limited on what I could eat but I’m glad they post the ingredients of what all is in the soup.

I choose Garden Vegetable soup and a small salad from the salad bar. For my beverage I had a POM juice with sparking water.



I just ate a few pieces of melon for dessert!

I’m watching “I get That A Lot”. Its pretty funny! See you tomorrow night!