Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soba Lo Mein

Is everyone ready for all the snow they say we are going to get tomorrow?  I hope this is the last of it. I’m ready for Spring! Flowers, bike riding, and walks in the park!

Tonight I decided to use the Soba noodles I bought back when I couldn’t eat gluten. Soba noodles are made with 100% buckwheat flour and are gluten free. I’ve never tried them but I thought they would taste more like whole wheat noodles which I love. I decided to use my Chicken Lo Mein recipe without the chicken and with Soba instead of whole wheat.


They didn’t taste quite like whole wheat noodles. They had the same texture but a really odd after taste. I think I stick to whole wheat from now on. You can make this Lo Mein with whatever noodles you prefer. The peanut sauce mixed with the soy sauce is so good!!


I used the following ingredients.



I started out by sautéing some onions and a garlic clove in 2 tablespoons of toasted Asian sesame dressing.


While you are cooking your noodles add in the veggies, peanut butter and  vegetable stock.


When your noodles are done cooking. Rinse really well with hot water. Add noodles to sauce then add soy sauce and peanuts.


The peanut butter and soy sauce makes this smell so yummy!

Soba Lo Mein

2 Tablespoons Peanut butter

1/4 Cup Soy Sauce

1/4 Cup Asian Toasted Sesame dressing

1/2 of an onion

1 garlic clove minced

1/2 Cup Vegetable broth

1 package of stir fry vegetables

1 lb of noodles of your choice

1. Cook noodles according to directions.

2. Sauté onions for 3 min in sesame dressing. Add vegetables, broth and peanut butter. Sauté for another 7 min.

3. Rinse noodles in hot water and add to sauce. Add soy sauce and peanuts. Toss together and serve.



This was enjoyed with a Virgil’s Cream Soda.


I love to drink these ever once in awhile. It’s an all natural soda made with unrefined cane sugar. Drinking cream soda brings back childhood memories of my mom buying me cream sodas.

Stay warm!!