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Bone Broth

I've had a lot of time on my hands this past week. Have you watched the new Netflix series Tyding Up by Marie Kondo? It seems just about everyone has. I've seen so many posts on social media about everyone getting motivated to "tidy up". I've gone through all my drawers already and have filled up a bag stuffed full, ready to donate. It feels good to get things decluttered!

I don't always have this much of time on my hand though; getting laid off kind of changes things.  I was trying to think of what I wanted my next post to be about and time savers in the kitchen just kept coming to mind. Last Christmas I got an Instant Pot and now it's all about how to cook things in less time at my house.

Kyle and I are doing our annual Whole30 challenge to try and get back to the basics, and cook healthier meals more often. There is just something about the holidays that gets us off track. I think I made 4 batches of homemade egg nog, had a cocktail or margarita just a…
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Hello Old Friend

Well hello old friend! Wow, I can't even believe it, its been over 5 years since I've made a blog post. A LOT has changed in 5 years but one thing has stayed the same... I still do some type of food challenge for myself in January. I guess old habits die hard. I'm currently doing Whole30 for the 4th time so fair warning you might see a lot of that on here.

I have no idea what my intentions are for this post. I just know I've been thinking about you all quite a bit. When I started this blogging journey I started it to keep myself accountable by food blogging my food challenge journey.

I just got burned out. It's a lot of work keeping up with a blog. I had these dreams that my blog would blow up and start getting all these views. Well, that never happened. I'm not consistent enough for that to happen and honestly that wasn't a true reality.

Social media has changed so much as well. I used to not hold back on things I shared. Now before I even post anything I …

Strawberry Orange Sorbet with Mint

Hi there! Wow, it's been way too long that I've posted. I've missed it. It's not that I haven't been cooking but it's been pretty busy around here. Kyle and I got married June 15th and it was the most beautiful day of my life! Kyle and I have been married now for a little over a month and are loving every minute of it.

I have a recipe that I've been wanting to share and I'm glad I'm able to finally sit down and share it with you. You will be so surprised how easy it is to make sorbet and will want to make it before the Summer is over. For the 4th of July I wanted to make something festive but also Fun and Healthy! (Of course!) So I decided to make a strawberry orange Sorbet with mint.
Check out these strawberries! 
First you will want to slice  and hull your strawberries and stick in a large pot.

Once your strawberries are sliced and ready add your sugar, orange juice, mint leaves and water.

Boil on medium heat and boil until sugar is dissolved.


Garlic and Goat Cheese Spaghetti Squash

Well hello there! Long time no see. I have to be honest I’ve procrastinated for a few months and have not posted. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been cooking but that I just haven’t made the time to post them. Well, I’m back and it feels good.

Kyle and I are still in the process of planning our wedding. We are a short 4 months away and we have just about everything accomplished. I’m a planner and like to plan ahead. My mom keeps telling me it’s a good thing but I just hope I don’t miss an important step and end up stressing in the end anyways. Oh well, in the end we will be married to the love of my life! 

Today I have an exciting side dish to share with you.

As you’ve probably noticed I didn’t do the Whole Living Detox this year. Believe it or not, I missed it. There has been a big hype of a meal plan called Whole30 that is similar but also a little different. Basically no bread, pasta, potatoes etc.. I’ve researched some recipes that say they are Whole30 recipes and have made a…

Tomato, Basil, and Cheddar Soup

Hi Friends! Lately I’ve been going soup crazy. I just can’t get enough. The trees have finally started to change and the air is getting cool. Perfect time for a warm cozy bowl of soup. Who doesn’t love a good tomato soup and grilled cheese? The best part of this soup is the sharp cheddar. I really think it makes it!I started out by sautéing onions in olive oil in a large pot. ( you will use this same pot for the soup)Then I chopped up some basil. I love the way basil smells. mmm..This tomato soup is so simple. Just add your tomatoes, veggie stock and seasonings. I used freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese. I’ve been hooked on sharp cheddar lately. After all of your ingredients are added you will then use your emersion blender to puree just a little. This step is up to you, you can puree until there are no clumps or leave a few clumps for texture. I like to leave a little chunkiness. I’m getting hungry just typing this up. This is a vegetarian meal but I promise, you won’t miss the meat…

Mexican Style Spaghetti Squash

The other day I was in the grocery store waiting for my meat at the deli and this lady came up to me and asked what that yellow thing that was in my buggy (Yes, I'm from the South and we call it a buggy). At first I had no idea what she was talking about and then realized she was pointing at the spaghetti squash! I preceded to tell her about spaghetti squash and she said she had never tried such thing. I couldn’t believe it and encouraged her to try it sometime. I love introducing new vegetables to interested people!

I was buying the squash that I used to make this Mexican style spaghetti squash. I’m so excited to share it with you because I wasn’t real sure how it was going to turn out. It ended up being my favorite way to eat spaghetti squash. This squash is used in so many ways; as a side, as a healthy version of “pasta” and in casseroles. I guess you could call this a mix between healthy “pasta” and a casserole.

I started out by scooping out all of the seeds. Just like desee…

Chili with Ground Sausage

I have a hearty chili recipe for you today. Its supposed to get cool here tonight so I figured it would be a good time to make some chili. Soup, pumpkin spice lattes and Fall squash are all favorite Fall food items of mine.How about mixing up the chili and adding sausage instead of beef? I’m telling ya, it’s pretty good. I started out by chopping up a small onion and 3 garlic cloves. Brown your sausage and add your onion and garlic once the sausage is almost cooked all the way. Add the rest of your ingredients. I used my first jar of tomatoes that I canned this Summer!Simmer for 30 minutes stirring occasionally. Top it with cheddar and a dollop of Greek yogurt (or sour cream if you prefer)Chili with ground sausage1 Lb  Ground Sausage1 Small Onion, chopped3 Garlic cloves, minced2 Cup Corn1 Can Black Beans1 Can Kidney Beans1 6oz can Tomato Paste1 Can whole tomatoes1 8oz can tomato sauce1 Tbs Cumin1 Tsp, Oregano1/2 Tsp. Chili Power (Plus more if you like a little more spice)1/2 Cup Beef …