Friday, February 4, 2011

Chili For a Chilly Day

Burrrr it’s cold tonight! It seems like I was cold all day until I had a warm bowl of chili. Nothing can warm you up better!
We had more snow today! I can’t believe all this snow that we’ve been getting. I love how pretty it is but I don’t like how everything just shuts down. I went to the grocery store this afternoon and it was a nightmare. I got all the things I needed and stood in line for about 10 min until realized that the hamburger meat I had in my buggy had a big tear in it. I had to go get another one and get in the back of the line. I just read about all the magazines they had standing in line. Did you know that Charlie Sheen is in rehab?And Justin Beiber is taking over the world?  Winking smile
This is not any kind of special recipe. It's the chili recipe I grew up on. It starts with a chili seasoning packet and its never the same every time I make it.
Start by browning your meat. Try to get very lean meat so you don’t’ have to drain it.
food chili 001
Chop and dice a 1/2 of an onion and  sauté until meat is browned
food chili 003
Add the rest of your ingredients. I used all of my mom’s canned tomatoes. ;( Her’s are so much better than Koger.
food chili 004
Boil all together for about 20 min.
food chili 005
Look at those yummy chunky tomatoes! I think the tomatoes make the chili.
food chili 006
Enjoy with a little cheese and sour cream or greek yogurt.
food chili 008food chili 010
This warmed me up along with a couple slices of corn bread.
This what we’ve been doing all day!
food 001
Hope you are staying warm tonight!