Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17- Chickpea-Brown Rice Patties

Hi again! Today was a really good day. I’m loving the break from smoothies every morning. This morning I whipped up some yummy oatmeal without using any type of sugar or butter. I boiled the oats in almond milk and a ripe banana I had in the freezer. I also added chia seeds and cinnamon. It was topped with fruit! I didn’t miss the usual brown sugar or peanut butter that I usually put on my oatmeal.


Lunch was leftover beans and rice. Surprise surprise! I think this is the last of it.


Dinner was really good. I made the chickpea brown rice patties that they put in the week 3 recipes for the detox.


The patties are made up of chickpeas, brown rice, garlic, and parsley


I really enjoyed them!


Dessert was broiled grapefruit! I saw this on Pinterest and love this new way to eat grapefruit!



I did not end up using this fork. It didn’t work so well so I went for a spoon.

Have a good night!