Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8- Fish and Beans

It’s day 1 of week 2! Whew just 2 more weeks of the detox. Today was a pretty good day. We enjoyed church and breakfast with my sister and brother in law. Then we went out to eat at Flying fish and ended the day with a great dinner!

I haven’t been hungry like I had been feeling last week. I think the extra protein really made me feel better.

Breakfast was Tofu scramble. I started out making the recipe they suggest on the detox and added mushrooms and more garlic. I think everyone enjoyed it! The texture was pretty close to eggs and with the turmeric seasoning, it turns it yellow like eggs. I prefer eggs over tofu but this will due till I can have eggs again. I also mixed up a quick fruit salad to go with it.



Jamie and CJ both cleaned their plates!


Lunch was enjoyed at Flying Fish. The salad was just okay. There was not much else to the salad besides lettuce and catfish.


Dinner was my favorite meal of the day!


Kyle and I cooked up some Orange Roughy! We seasoned it fresh squeezed lemon, salt, pepper, and Tony's. It was soo good. It almost tasted like it was cooked in butter.


We enjoyed the fish with black beans (that I simmered all day) and squash and zucchini.


For dessert, left over fruit salad!


I can already tell this week is going to be a little bit easier. I’m looking forward to enjoying some bean soup and more fish!