Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Treat

So, I’ve been doing really good lately with staying away from sugar but I gave in today for a little sweet treat. Keep reading to see what I chose for my little treat for the night.

Today started out with another bowl of Kashi cereal with skim milk, fruit, and a cup of coffee. I ended up eating more fruit throughout the morning that it upset my yummy. If I eat too much fruit I start getting that uggg feeling.
Notice how dark it is outside when I eat breakfast. I have to be a work so early. ugggg!
It kept me full till lunch.
For lunch I brought a ham and swiss sandwich with the rest of the alfalfa sprouts and lettuce on a ciabatta bun. I also brought a little thing of salsa served with Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips.
If you’ve never tried any Food Should Taste Good chips, you should! http://www.foodshouldtastegood.com/#/sweet_potato/

I ate all the chips and salsa and only half of my sandwich. It was just too much bread for me.
I got pretty hungry about 4:30 today and popped a handful of Kashi cinnamon cereal to tide me over till dinner.
Dinner was not Mexican, but I did use the leftover chicken to make this:

I threw in some corn, carrots, and okra in the skillet and sautéed till they were nice and golden. I added the already cooked chicken to the mix, and then added a little Asian sesame dressing and soy sauce to give it a little flavor.  

I served it all over brown rice. It turned out really good!

There is a new frozen yogurt place that has made an appearance here in Maumelle. My roommate Kirby and I love going to eat frozen yogurt! We decided to take a trip over there for a treat tonight.
It’s called the Dreamy Spoon, they serve soft serve frozen desserts. You walk to a very modern IKEA with a twist of urban, look. It’s very welcoming! We were greeted by the owners Kandid and Cody Scott. It turns out that Kirby went to college with them. They told us about the flavors and gave some suggestions on what goes well together. All the flavors are made with naturally sweetened flavors and most are low fat. They have a wide variety of toppings from fresh fruit to candy toppings. They even serve coffee and Tazo tea. (my favorite tea!!!) I will have to go back during the day when I can have a hot cup of tea.

I went with a mix of pomegranate energy tart with strawberry sensation surprise. I topped mine with fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and a small spoon full of semi sweet chocolate. Oh my goodness it was so good! I loved the tartness of the strawberry and pomegranate. I did just eat a small portion because I didn’t want it to keep me up all night.
If you’re ever in the Maumelle area take a quick stop to The Dreamy Spoon and visit the Scotts! They would love to see you.
My treat

Kirby’s treat
Kirby got a mix of Cookies and cream and dark Chocolate!