Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a Mango day!

Hello all! I’m sorry I’m just now posting. I was planning on blogging my meals throughout the day today but that didn’t go as planned.

I started the day off by getting up 10 min earlier than my normal day. Alarm went off at 5:20am! It was early and I wanted some coffee. But I settled for a cup up Organic Apple Red tea. It was pretty good and seemed to satisfy my cravings for a hot cup of something.

The smoothie I decided to make this morning was the mango smoothie. I started blending it all up and made a huge mess. I think I need to get up an extra 5 min tomorrow. ;)

Here are the ingredients:

Mango Smoothie
1 ¼ Almond Milk
½ Coconut Water
2 leaves of Kale
¼ Avacado
½ Cup Frozen Mango chunks
½ Cup ice  if needed.

I liked it! I think I could have blended it a little longer because I had some chunks of kale but I didn’t mind.

It held me over till about 10am. I then decided to have a small handful of sunflower seeds/almonds.

Noon! I was ready for lunch. I brought a salad with cucumbers, ¼ avocado, snow peas, carrots, left over black eyed peas, and just a little left over shredded chicken, with balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side.  I also brought some hummus with some chopped up veggies. I didn’t end up eating much of that because the salad filled me up.

I had an apple for a mid afternoon snack to get me through my gym workout.

Dinner consisted of the left over Mango smoothie. It makes 2 servings. I think I will cut the recipe in half next time I make it.  I drank a couple cups of herbal tea today as well as water throughout the day. I feel pretty good. I had a slight headache throughout the day today. I think it's due to no caffeine. ;( Oh well just 3 more days of no caffeine then I will slowly add it back in.