Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chewing breakfast and dinner

I’m a little late at posting this but this is yesterday’s adventures through food.
I had the day off so I met Kyle for brunch. He wanted to go to Stoby’s for breakfast. I love Stoby’s but I was a little worried there wouldn’t be anything for me to eat. I thought I would give it a try. I wanted to make the healthiest choice possible but still have something that tastes good; you have to enjoy what you eat! So, I chose this:

I ordered an egg beaters omelet with onions and bell peppers topped with salsa. It came with wheat toast and a side of oatmeal. I ate most of the omelet, 2 pieces of toast and a little of the oatmeal. The omelet was excellent. The veggies were good and crunchy and the salsa was a nice fit. I could tell the oatmeal was homemade but I didn’t have any fruit or almond milk to put in it so I just ate a few bites. You gotta spice up your oatmeal to make it taste good. I love oatmeal and normally eat it just about every morning. Lately I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to own an oatmeal bar restaurant. You could choose your different toppings and added ingredients. I don’t know how many people would come in but I know I would love it. Speaking of oatmeal, have you seen that McDonalds has oatmeal now? Don’t think I want to try their oatmeal for some reason.
Kyle did not choose the healthy option and went with this.

After brunch I was super full, I hadn’t been this full in 4 days. When I got home I headed out for a run. I decided that since there was a cold front coming in that I better get it in now. I geared up and headed out. I didn’t get very far. I had forgotten how long it had been since I ran ;( The wind was blowing and made for a cold windy painful fun.
I’m going to get back into running shape. Kyle and I are signing up for the Warrior Dash( 5k. I hate running alone but love running in races. This is not your typical 5k. It’s like the Mud Run with a lot more than mud.

We went for a little shopping this afternoon and worked up an appetite. We knew we were going to have a big dinner so we decided to stop in to Whole foods and try a fresh made juice from the juice bar. We met this really nice guy who was very passionate about making juices. While Kyle and I were looking at the menu, he asked if he could give us some suggestions. We said sure! So he told us what his favorite juice was, it was called the Green Goblin (or monster, I can’t remember). It has cucumbers, kale, spinach, and little apple juice. I told him I would try it. He then convinced Kyle to try another one that has garlic, carrots, beats, and orange juice. We waited about 10 min while we whipped up our juices.

We weren’t big fans of either one of the juices. I think they were just a little too far out there for our taste. We wanted the fruity ones but he insisted these tasted better, I guess we know now for next time.

Tonight we went on a double date with some good friends. Olive Garden! We had a great time with these two. I chose the soup and salad. I love their salad and bread sticks but I just ate one bread stick.

This is the chicken and gnocchi soup. It was wonderful!

See you all later for Saturdays adventures.