Thursday, January 6, 2011

Green In Green Out

Hello again! Today is my Friday and I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow. Also I looking looking forward to tomorrow for another reason, I CAN EAT SOLID FOOD. Today is the last day of smoothies for breakfast and dinner. My stomach sure is ready for solid foods. For the remainder of the month I will slowly add in dairy, processed foods, added sugar, gluten, and caffeine.

Today started out with a pretty good smoothie. I didn't know what I was going to make till this morning. I knew I had a few different fruits but just didn't know what I wanted. I decided to risk it and throw a few things together. 

I pealed an orange, threw in a frozen banana, added some almond milk, and a splash of vanilla. It ended up being more like a fruit juice with pulp. I love pulp! This was the perfect combination for me. I did add a few ice cubes towards the end to make it a little more smoothie-like.

Today was another busy day at work so I only had time for a quick snack. I grabbed some roasted almonds and walnuts to tide me over until lunch.

Lunch was at noon and consisted of leftovers. I used to be really bad about not eating leftovers but I'm trying really hard to not waste any food.

I had leftover cold Quinoa salad with a drizzle of lime with a mixed salad. It did a pretty good job of holding me over the rest of the afternoon until.....

I got hungry on the way home. Traffic was pretty bad and took me 40min to get home when it usually takes my about 15min. I grabbed an apple to tide me over. 

After work I headed to a dinner date with two lovely girls. We decided to go to tropical smoothie since two of us are on this 4 day detox.

I had the green tea citrus smoothie. It was pretty satisfying. I"m full right now but I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when I can actually chew by breakfast. 

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