Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun in the Snow

I hope everyone is staying warm this evening. It’s been a cold one. I’m not ready for this snow to melt just yet, it’s so pretty. I worked from home today which meant, I get to make breakfast at home!

I had my first cup of coffee this morning. It was actually my first cup of caffeine in 1 week. It tasted soo good. I put a little almond milk and agave in it. I sipped slowly to make it last longer. I want to ease back into caffeine and not jump right in.

Pancakes were made for breakfast! I love pancakes, especially buttermilk pancakes. I used a mix from Bob’s Red Mill, whole grain buttermilk.

I topped the pancakes with a little spread of almond butter and frozen mixed berries nuked in the microwave.

They turned out pretty dang good. I wish I could work from home more often!
When lunch came around I started thinking about what I could throw together that was in the fridge. I came up with chicken tacos.
I cooked some chicken with chopped onion. Once the chicken was about done I added a packed of taco seasoning with a little water. It was wrapped all up in a gluten free tortilla.  

I had a craving for something sweet this afternoon so I grabbed a orange to tide me over.

Dinner was the rest of the left over taco soup. I’m sitting here enjoying the last bowl while being lazy on the couch. Now, if Kyle were here with me then it would be a perfect night.

Good night everyone.