Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinterest Pinterest and More Pinterest

It’s been too long that I’ve posted on here. I think posting everyday for the detox burned me out for a little while. But I did miss you all! I’ve been cooking but to be honest I’ve been cooking a lot of Pinterest recipes.  Yes, I’m highly addicted! I feel that it has caused me to be a little more creative than I really am. LOL

So, to start things out I thought I would post a few pictures to let you know what I’ve been up too this past couple of months.

We had a fun super bowl party at my sisters house, I made stuffed mushrooms and chocolate dipped strawberries.



I also printed off a printable that I found off pinterest that we used to serve the food in. You can find them here.


My sister, Jamie made some really cute cupcakes.


I also decided to make chicken fried rice one night. This was my first time to make it without using a mix. It turned out pretty darn good. You can find it here.


Next, I found an idea to make healthy chicken nuggets. I knew that was one of Kyle's favorite foods growing up so I knew he would be up for it. He love them!! You can find the recipe here.


I also made a trial run of cheesecake. I’m making 3 different types of cheesecake for a friends wedding. They turned out really good, thank goodness!


Our kickball team entered the Chili Cook-off. It was out at Dickey Stephens park. What more could you want than all you can eat chili and kickball all day. We entered our captain's recipe and I thought it was pretty darn good. We didn’t win but had a really good time. Kyle and I did have about 30 seconds on channel 7 news that day as well. Smile


I also got to watch my friend’s little girl Lainey! We had so much fun! She is eating (drinking) some fruit in this picture. 



And last but not least, I’ve been cooking up some cornbread for some orders towards my Russia trip.


I have a few other exciting new recipes that I will be posting soon.