Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year 2 of Detox

Well it’s that time of year again. Last year I decided to do a month long detox starting January 1st. I felt great afterwards and after how I’ve been eating recently I’ve decided to make it a tradition to do it every year. I feel it just puts me on the right track to start out the year.

I know when some of you hear the word “detox” you think water and pepper for 5 days straight (or something crazy like that). This is nothing like that. I actually follow a plan that I think is very healthy. Every year Whole Living puts out a new plan. It has changed a little since last year. I think it’s a little easier to follow this year. They provide all the recipes and instructions you need to follow the plan. Check out week 1 of the plan here. Week 1 I will be eating fruits, vegetables, and plant-based fats, including nuts, seeds, and oils. Week 2 I will be adding back in seafood, beans and lentils, and organic soy. And week 3 I will be adding back in gluten-free grains and eggs. I will be changing up some of the recipes a little just because I’m not a fan of Beet and garlic soup! ewww

As you can see there is no caffeine, sugar, process foods, dairy, meat (excluding seafood), and flour for 3 weeks. Last year caffeine was the hardest for me. I had a headache for a week! I’m ready and determined to start the year off right! Anyone want to join. My friend Lacey will be doing it again and I’m so glad! It’s great to have someone going through the process with you. I’ve tried to convince Kyle to get on board but he hasn’t decided yet. My goal is to try and blog every day like I did last you so you can see the progress.

I have my grocery list out and I’m ready to go!


I’ve already had pizza, hamburger, and chicken pesto this week so I can have one last taste. LOL

I also promised I would share with you some pictures from my Christmas. So, hear ya go!


Having gourmet hot cocoa at this new yogurt place off Cantrell. Really really good!!



The goodie tray I made to take to Hot Springs for Christmas Eve. I got the idea to make the peppermint tray from pinterest. (where else??) You can make one too! On the tray is chocolate covered oreos with crushed peppermints. You see why I need to detox!


My Mom and I


Our family is spoiled, look at all those presents.


Christmas Eve goodies


All the girl cousins and Grandmother



A new coffee pot with a grinder from Santa


Kyle’s gift to me, he made my blog into a book!


Well, see you all in 2012!