Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis The Season

I wanted to share with you a little bit about how I’m celebrating the season. As I’ve told you before, I love this time of year! It just seems that everyone comes together around this time by giving to others with a cheerful heart. That’s what it’s all about! I even heard on the radio that some people have been going in to stores and paying for random layaway items that others have put on layaway. How special is that?

Our church is doing something really special for Little Rock that they started last year. We have something called the AR Dream Center that helps out Arkansas families in need. This weekend they will be doing something called the Christmas Mall. Members of the church and people from all around have given donations or even shopped online to buy Christmas presents. This Saturday they will be touching the lives of thousands of families around here with the much needed holiday experience they can enjoy. Check out the details here and come help us out Saturday if you want to be a part of a wonderful experience.

Last weekend Kyle and I meet some of my friends to go look at the Capitol Christmas lights and to have a much needed dinner with everyone. We don’t get to see each other very much so it’s always a special time when we get together. Here are a few pictures from our night…







I’ve made something really cool this year for Christmas gifts that I can’t wait to share with you. I’ll give you a hit, I used these:


I’ll share with you soon.

Happy Holidays!