Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little Rock Locally Grown

Hello all! I’m sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. To be honest, I haven't really been cooking much. It’s a little difficult to chop and cook with a broken finger. The good news is, I got a good report from the doc! The bone is healed and now the hard part, I have to start moving it. I hope it doesn’t take too long. I need my finger back!


On another note I have a great new post to share with you today. As most of you all know I love my veggies from the locally grown market. Well, today I have documented every step for you so you can see how fun it is! The Little Rock Locally Grown market makes it easy to pick up your local fruit, veggies, bread, eggs, meat and much more weekly. You order online the week before and the farmers pick it and bring it to the Christ Episcopal Church every Saturday morning. How cool is that! You know without a doubt that you are getting the freshest produce you can possibly get. And everything is grown right here in the wonderful state of Arkansas.

So to take you through the process I had Kyle  take pictures of the experience. I want to thank everyone at the market who was willing to have their picture taken and be a part of this!


To start the day, Kyle and I stopped by The Root Café to get a little breakfast. We had a wonderful grits and ham breakfast casserole. It was sooo good. I really want to try and recreate this recipe!



Then we headed downtown a few blocks to the Christ Episcopal Church to pick up my food. First, you find your order form on the table at the front.



Next, head down the hallway and into the banquet room where you will find a table full of produce.  Give your form to the wonderful volunteer who will then find the items that you have ordered.





Then head into the kitchen to  pick up your meat where it is  kept frozen for you. I got some ground sausage this week that may end up on a homemade pizza!


Sometimes  they have  left over items, such as eggs or squash, that you can add to your order if you want to; I ended up adding some eggs to my mine.


The final step is to check out. This wonderful lady  is here every Saturday morning to take your money with a smile.





And there you have it, fun and easy! I hope you all  have a wonderful Saturday!