Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Canning With Friends

Growing up my mom would always can tomatoes and have them in the pantry anytime she needed them. I never knew how handy it was until I started cooking on my own. Sunday night I had a few friends over to can tomatoes! I had been wanting to learn and my mom was gonna teach us.


Canning is a great way to enjoy homegrown foods all year round. I always thought it was a long messy process and I was right! We made a huge mess but had fun learning. I plan to can other things in the future from now on, and why not do it with friends.


First we boil water in two canners. This took quite awhile!

Then we plopped the tomatoes into the canners. I probably bought about 15 pounds of Arkansas tomatoes. Mom and Lacey also brought a few pounds each as well.


We let the tomatoes steep in the water until they were cracked. We then fished the tomato out and placed it in cold water.


We then peeled the skin off the whole tomato


We had an assembly line going here. After we peeled the skin off we cored and cut it into 4ths.




We then placed the tomatoes in the jar, sprinkled it with salt and put the lid on.

The jars are then placed into the canner to boil. They stayed in there for about 18min.


So we waited….



My face is healing up! Smile


The finished product! Look at Ashley’s neat vintage jar.



I had so much canning with these girls! I can’t wait till out next canning party!


I will be using my canned tomatoes this winter to make yummy spaghetti sauce, stews, soups, pasta dishes or whatever I can think of!