Monday, June 13, 2011

Tilapia With a Side of Pesto Pasta

Tonight was an easy dinner night. I made something really yummy for dinner last night but all my pictures are on my cell phone. My cell phone is not working properly at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to post it soon! I hate dealing with cell phone problems! I called Verizon yesterday and they told me that I could upgrade early! Yay! It should be coming in tomorrow.


Today was a busy day at work so I wanted something easy to fix. I like to have some type of fish at least 1 time a week so I remembered the tilapia I had in the freezer. It’s perfect for a quick meal and it thaws out pretty fast. I also had some pesto that I had left over from the last time I made it and thawed that out as well. I originally was going to cover the tilapia with the pesto but after talking to Kyle about what he wanted I changed my mind. You see, Kyle is very picky! I normally have to change it up just for him. Smile

061311 011

I boiled a couple servings of penne pasta and used the pesto for  some flavor. I also drizzled a little olive oil and a few pine nuts.

061311 006

The tilapia was seasoned with a little cavenders and Italian bread crumbs. It was baked at 375 for about 15 min.

061311 002

Kyle choose baked okra for his veggie and I chopped up a fresh cucumber from the downtown market for mine. The fresh cucumbers reminded me of my lovely friends in Russia. I miss them very much. We had fresh cucumbers with every meal there. The Russia team is on their way back from the trip this year. I pray they have a smooth and safe trip back.

061311 008

I had to have a little okra  and of course some sweet tea!

061311 010

I even got a “good dinner tonight, baby” from Kyle. That’s always a good sign.

My Moses likes to help me type up blog posts!

061311 012

Have a good night and remember to keep it fun and healthy!