Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Root Cafe

So some of you may of heard of this new cafe that opened up in Little Rock called The Root Cafe. I had be anticipating their opening for some time now. They have been at the locally grown pick up station where I have been getting my produce for the past couple of months now. They serve coffee and baked goods and have some really cool T- shirts so it made me wonder what they were all about. It turns out that they had this vision to open up a café that only served local ingredients. They buy food from local farmers cook it and serve it. In the winter they will use a lot of canned produce that they can themselves. I was super excited about it because not only does this support the local farmers it also guarantees no processed junk. Yay! I decided to try it for the first time this Friday since I had the day off.





It was just what I expected;  laid back atmosphere, cool people and delicious food. We went during their lunch hours so it was pretty packed. It was a tiny little place with cute seating outdoors. You walk up to the register and order your food. You are then told to walk over to get your drinks, silverware and napkins. They had things like homemade soda, ginger lemonade, unsweetened tea with pure cane cubes if you wanted sweetener and coffee. I got an iced vanilla coffee! Kyle got the drinks while I searched for a table. I didn’t think we would find one since it was so busy but just I as I walked outside I saw an empty table. They have mix matched chairs and tables, dried rosemary hanging on a clothes line around the café and fun bluegrass music playing in the back ground. The napkins were all cloth and all different patterns ( I loved that). The drinks are served in all different sized mason jars. Kyle and I sat and waited for the food and people watched a little.


The food came shortly. I ordered an egg salad sandwich that came with a side salad with their homemade dressing. Every bite was delicious. I don't know what inspired me to order the egg salad sandwich but it was a tough decision. I wanted to try everything on the menu. They have lots of vegetarian and vegan options. I know some of you blog readers would appreciate that.


Kyle ordered one of their famous burgers that came with a side salad and he ordered their homemade fries to go with it. I had a good ole bite of his burger and decided that I’m ordering that next!



The café was just as cute as could be and I have a feeling I will be going back very soon.