Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Taste Of Russia

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Russia to work with orphans. I still can’t believe that it has already come and gone. It was such a blessing to be able to go and work with Change30. I feel that we accomplished a lot and am ready to return as soon as I can. Matt and Jackie, the founders of Change30, have such big hearts and are doing so much for the Russian orphans to make sure they are equipped for the big world. Check out their website to see all the exciting things they are doing.

I thought about you all while I was gone and took several pictures of the food I ate. This trip was a different experience than the other 2 trips I’ve taken over there. We stayed in the city and had breakfast everyday at the hotel. They made one meal and everyone received the same meal. See what we had:

The first morning I walked in and sat down and they placed this in front of me. I immediately got a little nervous. I starting thinking about what snacks I brought because I thought I was going to have to eat something else. It turned out to not be that bad and I finished about half of it. It’s millet, and a mystery meat hot dog with homemade basil ketchup. The hot dog tasted like bologna. They mix several of their meats together so it could have been a combination of several different things.


The coffee was amazing! It was freshly ground espresso with cream.


The next morning we had oatmeal, bread with sandwich meat and cheese, and a roll stuffed with sautéed cabbage and onions. The oatmeal was delicious, it was a little sweet and probably had a ton of butter. I tried the cold sandwich but couldn’t finish it and took a few bites of the roll. The roll was cold and I wasn’t too fond of the cabbage and onions inside.


The following breakfast was one of my favorites! It was crepes stuffed with beef/pork, sour cream and an ice-cream bar. The crepes were delicious and who doesn’t want ice-cream for breakfast.


The following breakfast was dumplings stuffed with mashed potatoes with sour cream and another cold sandwich. The dumplings were good! They eat a lot of potatoes, as you will see during lunch time.


Lunches and most of our dinners were eaten at the orphanage. Lunch was a little larger than dinner. Here is an example of one of the lunches. Potatoes, meat footballs (that’s what we called them) and cucumbers and tomatoes. We also had some type of potato soup and bread.



They also served juice with lunch. The juice was wonderful!


I didn’t take too many pictures of dinner just because it was usually a repeat from lunch without the soup. They served coffee and tea during dinner. We did get the opportunity to eat out a few times in the city.

This was ordered at a little café. I was pretty tired of potatoes at this point and wanted a good ole salad. This is a grilled chicken salad with quail eggs. The quail eggs tasted just like regular eggs to me. The cheese was good but I couldn’t figure out exactly what type it was. It had a really soft texture to it like feta. This salad was nice and refreshing. I enjoyed it with a coffee.



This night we went to a restaurant call Tabasco. I ordered chicken quesadillas. They were very similar to our quesadillas except there was less cheese and it focused more on the chicken and red sauce.


We were able to enjoy some Gelato one day and here is what we got! I ordered the coffee desert on the left and the other one was ordered by Alexis. They were so pretty!


And lastly, I was able to experience Joe and the Juice in the Copenhagen airport. I’m now a fan and wish we had one in the US. I had freshly juiced fruit juice and a pesto chicken sandwich. Too bad they are only located in Denmark and London Sad smile


There you have it, a taste of Russia. I can’t wait to return and see my kids again!